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Pet Policy & Information

I require the use of a Assistive Animal. What Housing is Available for Me?

All communities have policies that provide for assistive animals needed as a reasonable accommodation to a tenant's disability. A request form must be completed and given to C&C Realty, so we can in turn verify the need for the assistive animal with your physician. Click here for more information regarding assistive animals.

Do You Allow Pets, and if So How Many?

Most properties managed by C&C Realty will allow 1 pet per household, some may allow 2. Your pet must be approved by management before entering your unit.

What is the Process for Pet Approval?

  1. Provide evidence that the pet is in good health, has been spayed or neutered, and has been properly immunized and kept up annually; dogs must be licensed in accordance with local ordinances. (This can be accomplished through current vet records)
  2. A caretaker must be assigned. A caretaker is a person that does not reside with you, who is willing to take responsibility for your pet/pets should you become unable to care for them. If a caretaker is not named, you must provide written documentation of the arrangements you have made should you be unable to care for the pet(s). (example: "contact local shelter"). This is information needs to be provided on the Pet Rules form at your move in.
  3. The pet must be appropriate size and type for the apartment. Size and weight restrictions apply and vary at all properties. For most properties, Management may refuse to approve any pet that is more than 20 inches in height from the shoulder down or exceeds 20-30 lbs at the time it is full grown. Properties indicated as "Small Pets Only" generally refer to cats or very small dogs only. Call for more details.
  4. Pay the deposit required by the property. Deposit ranges from $200-400 per pet, depending on the property. Upon move-out or removal of the pet, this deposit will be refunded provided there are no damages to your unit from the pet.

What Kind of Pet Can I Have?

Cats and Dogs are allowed at most properties, please visit the site page of the property that you are inquiring about for more information. We will allow small caged household pets with prior management approval. Common pets include birds, gerbils, a small fish tank, or turtles. We do NOT allow pet lizards, snakes, or spiders in units.

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